Theory Group

The Theory Group takes care of the substantive issues in the questionnaire. The members critically evaluate the existing questionnaire and prepare proposals for improvements, new topics and issues to be included and items and questions to be dropped. Further they initiate publications and make proposals for meetings/seminars/congresses and sessions at existing congresses.


David Voas



Pierre Bréchon
Paul de Graaf
Loek Halman
Pedro Magalhães
Ladislav Rabusic
Giancarlo Rovati
Christof Wolf


This week's featured article

The TRAPD method for survey translation

The translation of the questionnaire is a delicate phase for the European Values Study. Translations must ensure the comparability between countries, but also between waves of the EVS and of the World Values Survey (WVS). The EVS 2017 questionnaire was translated using the current best practice in survey…click for more details