Previous Surveys 1981-2008

The four waves of the European Values Study

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1981 - 1st EVS wave (16 countries)
1990 - 2nd EVS wave (29 countries)
1999 - 3rd EVS wave (33 countries)
2008 - 4th EVS wave (47 countries/regions)

The EVS longitudinal data files 1981-2008

EVS Longitudinal Data File 1981-2008: Cumulative dataset based on the four EVS waves 1981, 1990, 1999, and 2008 (48 countries/regions)
Integrated Values Surveys 1981-2014: Information on how to create a data file including the four EVS waves and the six WVS waves (113 countries/regions)

ACCES to data and documentation

Data and documentation of the EVS waves and the Longitudinal data File 1981-2008 is available for download from the GESIS Data Archive for the Social Sciences. For information on how to download EVS data and documentation, see Data and Downloads

News about EVS data and documentation

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