Participating countries and country-information - Survey 2008

Extensive documentation on the national datasets of EVS 2008 is available for downloading. For documentation related to the Integrated Dataset EVS 2008, please go to Data and Documentation.

Documentation related to the national datasets

Study Description (SD)
Complete notes about Version History & Errata along with further information on the origin of the national datasets are provided in the GESIS Data Catalogue.

Method Report (MR)
Country specific information on the national datasets, based on the methodological questionnaire submitted by the EVS member countries.

Field Questionnaire (FQ)
Field questionnaire(s) in all languages fielded in the respective country and Show cards.

Variable Report (VR)
The bilingual (English language/original language) variable reports combine variable descriptions of the national datasets with the question texts of the English Master Questionnaire as well as the original question texts of the field questionnaires.

Study No
Data collection period
ZA4783 Albania
 2008-07-10 to 2008-09-09 1534 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Albanian
ZA4784 Armenia
 2008-06-16 to 2008-09-19 1500 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Armenian
ZA4754 Austria
 2008-07-21 to 2008-10-22 1510 SD MR FQ  VR EN/German
ZA4785 Azerbaijan*
 2008-07-11 to 2008-08-10 1505 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Azerbaijani
ZA4782 Belarus
 2008-06-11 to 2008-07-31 1500 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Russian
ZA4759 Belgium
 2009-04-30 to 2009-08-02 1509 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Dutch
ZA4786 Bosnia-
 2008-07-12 to 2008-07-31 1512 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Bosnian
ZA4774 Bulgaria
 2008-04-21 to 2008-06-15 1500 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Bulgarian
ZA4775 Croatia
 2008-04-31 to 2008-10-31 1525 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Croatian
ZA4787 Cyprus
 2008-10-25 to 2008-11-28 1000 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Greek
ZA4788 Northern
 2008-10-28 to 2008-12-04 500 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Turkish
ZA4770 Czech
 2008-05-05 to 2008-11-02 1821 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Czech
ZA4760 Denmark
 2008-04-01 to 2008-09-15 1507 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Danish
ZA4766 Estonia
 2008-07-01 to 2008-08-31 1518 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Estonian
ZA4762 Finland
 2009-07-09 to 2009-07-15 1134 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Finnish
ZA4751 France
 2008-05-07 to 2008-09-04 3071 SD MR FQ  VR EN/French
ZA4789 Georgia
 2008-08-21 to 2008-09-30 1500 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Georgian
ZA4753 Germany
 2008-09-17 to 2009-02-10 2075 SD MR FQ  VR EN/German
ZA4752 Great Britain
 2009-08-01 to 2010-03-10 1561 SD MR FQ  VR EN/GB-English
ZA4776 Greece
 2008-09-12 to 2008-10-26 1500 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Greek
ZA4772 Hungary
 2008-11-26 to 2009-01-28 1513 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Hungarian
ZA4763 Iceland
 2009-07-15 to 2010-03-15 808 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Icelandic
ZA4765 Ireland
 2008-06-07 to 2008-08-31 1013 SD MR FQ  VR EN/IE-English
ZA4755 Italy
 2009-10-02 to 2009-12-30 1519 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Italian
ZA4790 Kosovo
 2008-07-15 to 2008-10-13 1601 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Albanian
ZA4767 Latvia
 2008-06-01 to 2008-10-31 1506 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Latvian
ZA4768 Lithuania
 2008-07-21 to 2008-09-14 1500 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Lithuanian
ZA4779 Luxembourg
 2008-05-03 to 2008-12-15 1610 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Luxemb.
ZA4792 Republic of
 2008-07-03 to 2008-10-13 1500 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Macedonian
ZA4778 Malta
 2008-06-16 to 2008-09-23 1500 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Maltese
ZA4793 Republic of
 2008-07-02 to 2008-10-04 1551 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Moldovan
ZA4794 Republic of
 2008-11-12 to 2008-12-08 1516 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Montenegrin
ZA4758 Netherlands
 2008-05-21 to 2008-10-31 1554 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Dutch
ZA4764 Northern
 2008-09-26 to 2008-10-23 500 SD MR FQ  VR EN/NIR-English
ZA4795 Norway
 2008-04-07 to 2008-09-02 1090 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Norwegian
ZA4769 Poland
 2008-06-27 to 2008-09-28 1510 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Polish
ZA4757 Portugal
 2008-05-26 to 2008-08-31 1553 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Portuguese
ZA4773 Romania
 2008-04-24 to 2008-06-30 1489 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Romanian
ZA4777 Russian
 2008-06-28 to 2008-07-26 1504 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Russian
ZA4796 Serbia
 2008-07-14 to 2008-07-31 1512 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Serbian
ZA4771 Slovak
 2008-07-14 to 2008-08-29 1509 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Slovakian
ZA4780 Slovenia
 2008-03-27 to 2008-06-18 1366 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Slovenian
ZA4756 Spain
 2008-05-28 to 2008-07-15 1500 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Spanish
ZA4761 Sweden
 2009-09-25 to 2010-01-10 1187 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Swedish
ZA4797 Switzerland
 2008-05-08 to 2008-10-06 1272 SD MR FQ  VR EN/German
ZA4791 Turkey
 2008-11-26 to 2009-03-01 2384 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Turkish
ZA4781 Ukraine
 2008-07-12 to 2008-10-09 1507 SD MR FQ  VR EN/Ukrainian

*WARNING: Users who are interested in analyzing Azerbaijanian data of EVS wave 2008 should note that there are problems with data quality. Please carefully check socio-demographic distributions (e.g. age, education, and marital status) indicating problems regarding sample design and fieldwork, respectively. For evaluation, the data and documentation of the national dataset (Azerbaijan, ZA4785) can be downloaded from the GESIS data catalogue.

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