European Norms and Values


In collaboration with "Wetenschapsknooppunt Brabant" (Science Centre Brabant) a teaching module about European Norms and Values has been developed. Based on the data collection of the European Values Study, primary school pupils (11/12 years old) get information about how adults and children think about education and parenting. Children get insight about their own values and can discuss these with other pupils, teachers, and parents. In an instruction video, Dr. Inge Sieben (Department of Sociology, Tilburg University) explains why Europeans think so differently. The module can be used at home and in the classroom. The module is available on, a Dutch language platform where children, parents, and teachers also can find information about the scientific background. Since its launch the module has abstracted more than 45.000 unique visitors (between March 2015 and January 2016).


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Visitors' Centre of the Europarliament

The European Values Study is one of the main data sources in the exhibition space on "United in Diversity" of Visitors' Centre of the Europarliament, in Brussels . This area is based on the idea that the European Union, despite the cultural differences and multitudinous interests, works together and…click for more details