Council of program directors

The highest EVS authority is the Council of Program Directors (formerly called the EVS Steering Committee). All daily responsibilities are delegated to an Executive Committee, which actually is in charge of the project. The Program Directors convene in principle yearly and their main task is to discuss the general outlines of the EVS project and to approve the final questionnaire and the survey methodology.


Michael Breen



Ilir Gedeshi (Albania)
Gevork Poghosyan (Armenia)
Sylvia Kritzinger (Austria)
David Rotman (Belarus)
Marc Swyngedouw (Belgium)
Jadranka Kolenović-Đapo (Bosnia-Hertzegovina)
Georgy Fotev (Bulgaria)
Josip Baloban (Croatia)
Victor Roudometof (Cyprus)
Ladislav Rabusic (Czech Republic)
Morten Frederiksen (Denmark)
Erki Saar (Estonia)
Kimmo Ketola (Finland)
Pierre Bréchon (France)
Merab Pachulia (Georgia)
Christof Wolf (Germany)
David Voas (Great Britain)
Aikaterini Gari (Greece)
Gergely Rosta (Hungary)
Gudbjörg Jonsdottir (Iceland)
Michael Breen (Ireland)
Giancarlo Rovati (Italy)

Denis Spahija (Kosovo)

Inta Mierina (Latvia)
Ruta Ziliukaite (Lithuania)
Philippe Poirier (Luxembourg)
Antoanela Petkovska (Macedonia)
Saviour Formosa (Malta)
Doru Petruti (Moldova)
Olivera Komar (Montenegro)
Tim Reeskens (The Netherlands)
Anders Todal Jenssen (Norway)
Mirosława Marody (Poland)
Jorge Vala (Portugal)
Bogdan Voicu (Romania)
Natalia Soboleva (Russia)
Milos Besic (Serbia)
Katarína Strapcová (Slovak Republic)
Samo Uhan (Slovenia)
María Silvestre Cabrera (Spain)
Susanne Wallman-Lundåsen (Sweden)
Michèle Ernst Stähli (Switzerland)
Yilmaz Esmer (Turkey)
Olga Balakireva (Ukraine)



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