National Program Director  
 Mgr. Katarína Strapcová, PhD
 Fieldwork period EVS2017
 09/27/2017 - 12/01/2018


Dissemination Activities organized by the Slovak Team


June 13, 2017


Meeting of Czech and Slovak EVS 2017 teams



The Institute for Sociology, Slovak Academy of Sciences and the APVV research project No. 15-0653 'Values in the Dynamics of Societal Changes in Slovakia and Europe (2016 – 2020)' hosted the meeting of Czech and Slovak EVS 2017 teams.

The first working part dealed with some practical issues concerning the survey process of the EVS wave 2017. The second part adressed methodological issues of studying values within a seminar of the APVV project and the methodological section of the Slovak Sociological Association. The seminar with its three lectures was attended with more than 20 colleagues from academy, Comenius University and university students

The full report of the event, drafted by Dr. Zuzana Kusá (Institute for Sociology Slovak Academy of Sciences), is available here.



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Collaboration with WVS

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