National Program Director  
 Prof. Georgy Fotev
 Fieldwork period EVS2017
 11/11/2017 - 09/01/2018


Dissemination Activities organized by the Bulgarian Team


30 May 2018 Conference


Official Presentation of the Results of the Fifth Wave of European Values Study



Soon after the completion of the Bulgarian part of the Fifth Wave of the European Values Study, an official conference took place at the New Bulgarian University. This conference brought together presidents, ministers, public figures, rectors of higher education institutions, cultural figures, constitutional judges, lecturers, journalists.
A video from the conference (in english language) can be found here.


18 April 2018


How to Debate European Values?



The New Bulgarian University (EVS Partner in Bulgaria) hosted the seminar "how to Debate European Values", attended by prominent scholars.

Professor George Fotev and Professor Boriana Dimitrova (Alpha Reasearch) illustrated the fifth wave of EVS process and the recent conclusion of the fieldwork in Bulgaria were the starting point of the discussion.

The full report of the event, drafted by Dr. Teodora Karamelska (Deputy Director of the Centre for the study of European values), is available here.

The collaboration between the Centre for the study of European values, funded by prof. Fotov, and Alpha Research, lead by prof. Dimitrova, has been particularly successful thanks to the expertise of these two research centres.



This week's featured article

Collaboration with WVS

The European Values Study and the World Values Survey agreed to collaborate in carrying out the 2017 values survey in Europe as defined in the Memorandum of Understandings. In line with this agreement, both organizations coordinated the questionnaire’s design and the overlap in the two questionnaires…click for more details