New Chair of the EVS Assembly


Starting with September 2018, Ruta Ziliukaite acts as new Chair of the EVS Assembly.


The EVS Assembly consists of the Full Partners of EVS. The EVS Assembly is the highest scientific authority of EVS. It decides strategic questions of long-term relevance, including the mandatory methodological standards to be followed in conducting the survey, the Partnership fees, the planned budget, the financial accounts report delivered by the Executive Committee, accession, status and termination of Partnership for associate and full Partners, and changes to these statutes. In this last case a quorum of two-thirds of all Full Partners is needed.

Ruta Ziliukaite is Assoc. Professor in Sociology and  Director of the Institute of Sociology and Social Work at the Faculty of Philosophy, Vilnius University.

She became a member of the Lithuanian EVS  team in 1999, and since 2008 she is the EVS Program Director in Lithuania. Her research interests concern political and religious values, with a particular focus on intergenerational value differences in Lithuanian society.  

Ruta Ziliukaite wrote more than ten articles on these topics,  and edited and co-authored three collective monographs (in  Lithuanian): ‘Undiscovered Power: Map of the Civil Society in Lithuania’ (2006), ‘Religious Identity and Social-Political Values of  Lithuanian Population: Intergenerational Shift’ (2007), ‘The Change of  the Values of Lithuanian Society During the Twenty Years of  Independence‘ (2016), based on EVS data.

We all welcome Ruta as the new Chair of the EVS Assembly!

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