EVS 2017 in Italy: one year fellowhip for collaboration to research activities

The Fellowship implies carrying out the activities briefly mentioned below at Dipartimento di Scienze sociali e Politiche dell’Università degli Studi di Milano and under the supervision of Prof. Ferruccio Biolcati Rinaldi within the research programme “World Values Survey (WVS) and European Values Study (EVS) – Joint project - Italy 2017”, of the activities mentioned below:

1)            collaboration to the data collection for the World Values Survey (WVS) and European Values Study (EVS) joint project - Italy 2017: sampling and fieldwork;

2)            preparation of the Italian dataset for the harmonized and comparative dataset: anonymization, cleaning, documentation;

3)            preliminary data analysis;

4)            collaboration to the dissemination of the WVS-EVS joint project results;

5)            assistance in preparing applications for national and European tenders as part of the activities of the SPS - Trends laboratory;

6)            assistance in the definition and implementation of the communication plan of the SPS - Trends laboratory.



* PhD or equivalent qualification obtained abroad is preferential requirement

* Degree in Degree in SOCIOLOGY, POLITICAL SCIENCE, STATISTICS or equivalent

* Expertise in research area: survey data collection and analysis; values, attitudes and social inequalities; longitudinal and comparative research

* Knowledge of language: English


The Fellowship’s yearly gross amount is of Euro 19.367,00. The amount is tax free.

The full call is available here



June 19th, 2018


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