Religious change and the shaping of solidarity and social participation in a troubled Europe

Ferruccio Biolcati-Rinaldi (member of the Italian team of EVS), Ruud Luijkx (chair of the methodology group of EVS), and Cristiano Vezzoni (Italian PI of ESS), edited the special issue of Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia.

In addition to their introduction, the special issue "Religious change and the shaping of solidarity and social participation in a troubled Europe" includes six papers:

* Introduction. Religion and social integration in Europe - Ferruccio Biolcati, Ruud Luijkx, Cristiano Vezzoni

* When Gen Xers and Millennials catch up. Religiosity and generational gaps in social altruism - Frédéric Gonthier

* Religion, welfare regimes and attitudes toward government responsibility for citizens' welfare. A European comparative analysis - Renzo Carriero, Marianna Filandri, Francesco Molteni

* A post-secular turn in attitudes towards religion? Anti-religiosity and anti-Muslim sentiment in Western Europe - Egbert Ribberink, Peter Achterberg, Dick Houtman

* «Faith, love, and hope, these three». On the (non-) effects of Christian religiosity on citizens' identification with Europe - Markus Quandt, Vera Lomazzi

* Immigrant women's employment patterns. Disentangling the effects of ethnic origin, religious affliation and religiosity - Raffaele Guetto, Ivana Fellini

* A New Religious Movement in a small village. Ethnography of a religious repopulation -   Francesco Sacchetti, Mario Venturella, Niccolò Sirleto




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