EVS2017: Meeting of Czech and Slovak teams in Bratislava

The EVS Czech team, represented by Ladislav Rabušic, Petr Fucík, Roman Chytílek, Beatrice Chromková – Manea; and the EVS Slovak team, represented by Katarína Strapcova, Silvia Miháliková, Zuzana Kusá, met in Bratislava to discuss methodological issues and challenges of investigating European Values.

The meeting was hosted by the Institute for Sociology, Slovak  Academy of Sciences and the APVV research project No. 15-0653 Values in the Dynamics of Societal Changes in Slovakia and Europe (2016 2020) in the frame of which EVS 2017 survey will be held in Slovak Republic.

During the morning session the scholars dealt with practical aspects related to the upcoming data collection of EVS 2017 and proposed joint dissemination activities. In the afternoon a seminar of the APVV project and the methodological section of the Slovak Sociological Association took place. The discussion was led by three relevant contributions:

Dr. Petr Fucík (Faculty of Social Studies Masaryk University Brno) : EVS2017 and Family.  Utilizability of EVS2017 for research tasks from the area of sociology of family   

Doc. Dr. Roman Chytílek (Faculty of Social Studies Masaryk University Brno) : “If the Elections will be held tomorrow” Party preferences, identifications and sympathies in EVS 2017 questionnaire

Dr. Zuzana Kusá (Institute for Sociology Slovak Academy of Sciences): EVS 2017 and study of peripeteia of Social universalism.

Read here the full report of the meeting and the abstract of the presentations.    



Director of the Institute for Sociology and the leader of the APVV project prof. Silvia Miháliková opened the seminar Methodological Issues of studying values – European Values Study 2017


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