The European Values Study organize a session at the ESRA Conference (17-21 July 2017, Lisbon)


Session: The Study of Values Change Using European Values Surveys


Various surveys carried out during the last decades provide a large amount of information about values and attitudes shared by people living in various countries around the globe. European Values Study was the pioneer of the surveys on values, collecting data every nine years, since 1981 and having an extensive geographical coverage in Europe. EVS still includes an impressive number of unchanged questions since 1981 allowing overtime comparisons on values related to a very broad spectrum of life domains: family and marriage, economics, work, leisure, politics, religion, morality. Other surveys, such as World Values Survey, International Social Survey Program, complement EVS in terms of geographical coverage and provide information about values and attitudes of people living not only in Europe but also in other regions of the world.

This session focuses on the analysis of value change under the impact of contextual factors and encourages submissions that make use of the comparative potential of surveys on values and attitudes from a methodological and a substantive perspective. To give a few examples: What is the impact of recent political events on attitudes and values? What are the basic empirical findings on long-term change and what are the main cross national differences? Which are the best methods to investigate overtime changes in values and attitudes? How to combine data coming from different surveys to study overtime trends? Do the measurement instruments that have been used in these surveys guarantee comparability across time and space? Submissions making use of comparative surveys data like European Values Study, World Values Survey, International Social Survey Program, European Social Survey or Eurobarometer are welcome.

Send your proposal by 4th December 2016.


Convenor Hermann Duelmer (University of Cologne)

Coordinator 1 Ruud Luijkx (Tilburg University)

Coordinator 2 Malina Voicu (GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, Cologne)


Please consult ESRA website for the full call.


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