EVS workshop in Warsaw: the program

The European Values Study and the University of Warsaw organize the workshop "European identity, solidarity and generations".
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"European identity, solidarity and generations"

In recent years Europe has been simultaneously growing together and falling apart. Political and economic events such as the economic crisis, the threat of ‘Grexit', mass migration, terrorism and violent conflicts around the world all raise the question of the limits of social solidarity. Thus, the boundaries of social solidarity have become a significant issue in both social sciences and public debate.

With whom do we feel solidarity?
What are the boundaries between ‘us' and ‘them' and to what extent have these boundaries changed over time? Does European identity represent such a boundary? If so, is it strong enough to foster social solidarity?
What are the contextual variables influencing these boundaries?
Does generational change play a role in shifting the limits of social solidarity?
These are highly significant research questions in the current political context and there is high demand for answers that can be used to ground political and policy decisions.

The European Values Study is organizing a workshop to address these research questions in closer collaboration with the University of Warsaw. We invite scholars working on the topic to contribute their papers. We particularly encourage comparative cross-sectional and longitudinal approaches that help us to understand how social solidarity and its boundaries have changed over time and across generations. Contributors are encouraged to use comparative and repeated surveys like the European Value Study, World Values Survey, European Social Survey, International Social Survey Programme, or EuroBarometer.


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